On Tour

Also this year the Tokyo Spitzbuam & Andisan will perform at the Kyushu Oktoberfest. With a new, powerful program of folk music and popular Oktoberfest songs in their own “Tokyo Spitzbuam Style”, we will play for four days at the festival in the very south of Japan.
We are especially looking forward to the regional beer spetzialities of the different breweries:
Kirishima Shuzo “KIRISHIMA BEER”
Kumamoto Craft Beer
Miyazaki Hideji beer
Mojiko retro beer
To reach from Tokyo in one flying hour, the trip in one of the most beautiful areas of Japan is worthwhile. We look forward to your visit
Kyushu Oktoberfest in Mojiko – from Friday 11th October to Monday the 14th October
On the Mojiko retro main square